Robert Hale, L.V.T.

Robert HaleRob has been a valued member of BVG since 1994. He obtained a Bachelor of Sciences from Wagner College in 2000 and then proceeded to obtain his License of Veterinary Technology from LaGuardia Community College in 2004. Rob is an outstanding technician and provides an exceptional level of care to every patient he encounters at the hospital.

Natalie Milea, L.V.T.

Natalie MileaNatalie has been working in the Veterinary field since 1980. She obtained her License of Veterinary Technology in 1983. She is a highly skilled technician and animal care provider here at B.V.G. Natalie is also a proud mother of three great children and an assorted variety of 21 incredible pets.

Melissa Klarman, L.V.T.

Melissa KlarmanMelissa has been working at BVG for 4 years as of 2008. She obtained her Veterinary technical License from LaGuardia Community College, Long Island City in 2007. Melissa is the proud mom of two cute kitties, Angel and Snoopy.

Lori White, L.V.T.

Lori WhiteLori is the newest addition to the Brooklyn Vet group team. She recently graduated from LaGuardia Community College with her Veterinary technician license. She has 2 and half years prior experience and interned with BVG for the summer. When she isn't working she plays mom to her two dogs, Penny and Boomer, Her cat Yin and her three adorable rats!

Veronica Taylor L.V.T.

Veronica Taylor

Vanessa Wong L.V.T.

Veronica Taylor


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