Annex in BayRidge, Brooklyn

We are proud to announce the opening of our Annex in BayRidge, Brooklyn.
The Brooklyn Veterinary Group has always prided itself with being a pillar for the general health and well-being of our patients.
We strive to provide both quality medicine and a wide educational base to the owners and caretakers of our patients.
It is with great pleasure to announce our expansion into the BayRidge neighborhood. Our new satellite clinic will provide you with the same quality care and benefits that we've always provided. The new clinic will be open for routine visits and general outpatient services, while our New Utrecht office will still be the main focus for surgery,radiology and other professional services. We look forward to seeing new and familiar faces in our new site.

Opening Day will be Feb 2nd from 10-5pm
Come meet and greet the staff from 6pm to 8 pm

Dr Pernice

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> Annex in BayRidge, Brooklyn

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