Brooklyn Veterinary Group, in Brooklyn, New York, includes veterinarians Dr. Salvatore Pernice, Dr. Anthony Miele, Dr. David Fuerst, Dr. Lisa Fiorenza and Dr Stephanie Gambino. Our professional veterinary services include wellness exams, immunizations, medical, surgical, and dental care for dogs, cats and other pets.
Veterinarians diagnose animal health and behavior problems, dress wounds, set broken bones, perform surgery, prescribe and administer medicines, and vaccinate animals against diseases. The following list includes some common conditions that veterinarians diagnose and treat:

Behavioral problems
Physical injuries of all kinds
Skin disorders

We are committed to animal owner education and we hope you will explore our website to learn more about animal health and our clinic. Please contact us with any questions.

Tel: 718.331.7775
7624 New Utrecht Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11214

Tel: 718-680-VETS - Fax: 718-680-8377
8207 5th Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11209