Please open your hearts and your homes to help our men and women over seas fighting for our freedom. Every day are young men and women are deployed over seas for combat. They not only leave behind their worried familes but also their beloved pets. In some instances they have no one to care for their animals and they end up in shelters awaiting an unknown fate. PLEASE if you have the space consider fostering a pet for our military personnel. You will be saving a life and someone's best friend. Please visit the website at https://www.americanhumane.org/fact-sheet/fostering-military-pets/

For more information. They sacrifice their lives for us we can take a set to repay them by providing their friends with safety while they are away! BRING OUR TROOPS HOME SAFELY!!!


Important numbers:

  • For Emergencies after hours contact VERG at 781-522-9400
  • To Report animal neglect/abuse contact ASPCA Police 212-876-7700 ext.4450
  • If your pet has ingested a toxin or plant call ASPCA poison Control Hotline (a fee is applied) 1-888-426-4435

For Pet food, clothing, treats, toys The BVG staff recommends and uses:

  • Diamond Collar: 7521 13th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11228
    (718) 232-7387
  • La Bella pooch 8001 17th avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11214
    (347) 312-2856

For Puppy and Dog Training:

  • Confident K9 Education (347) 312-2856

Lost or found pets:

  • Call all local shelters, police stations and veterinary offices to see if your pet has been found or if the pet you located was reported missing.
    Also make sure to post an add on petfinder.com under the classified section

Looking to adopt?? Here are some excellent places to find a new furry friend:

For Wildlife rescue and rehabilitation:

  • SEAN CASEY ANIMAL RESCUE Brooklyn, NY - 718-436-5163 (also has pets for adoption)
  • The Raptor Trust (Birds only) Millington, NJ (908) 647-2353
  • Scales and Tails Pet Rescue serving the tristate area: www.scalesandtails.org