In addition to collecting all the puppy snuggles we can, our goal is to help make caring for your pet as easy as possible. We know your life is busy, and between juggling work and home responsibilities, it’s easy to forget to give your pet their monthly heartworm preventive, or schedule their annual wellness exam. Well, worry not—we have an app for that.

Our hospital app makes it easy to ensure your pet stays up to date on every aspect of their healthcare, and will also help you earn rewards that can be redeemed for future services. We could go on forever about why we love our new app, but we’ll share a few of our favorite perks with you.

#1: Our app makes communicating with us a breeze.
Once you download our app, you will have a direct line of communication to our hospital at all times. Need to schedule an appointment? No problem—you can simply request an appointment through the app, and we’ll respond with a proposed time slot you can approve. Need a refill of your pet’s medication, heartworm preventive, or prescription food? You can request these items directly through the app, which allows you to take a picture of your pet’s prescription bottle, to eliminate confusion.

#2: Our app ensures you never forget your pet’s healthcare.
We know you have the best intentions to keep up with your pet’s regular healthcare, but life sometimes gets in the way. Our app will remind you to give your pet their heartworm preventive, and let you know on their individual screen when their essential healthcare services, such as their next wellness visit, vaccines, heartworm testing, and bloodwork, are due. The best part? You can open the app any time, and anywhere, to check your pet’s reminders. If you are standing in the grocery store line, and suddenly realize that your pet is due for their annual wellness exam, you can quickly check their reminders, and then hop over to the appointment screen to request an appointment.

#3: Our app rewards you for loving your pet.
In case your pet’s adoring gaze isn’t thanks enough, our new app lets us reward you for caring for your pet. You can earn stamps by visiting our hospital, having your pet’s medication or prescription food delivered to your home, or referring a friend. We make it easy—you earn your first stamp by simply downloading the app. Stamps can be applied as credit for future services, like your pet’s next dental cleaning or wellness exam, to help you provide the best care possible for your best friend.

What are you waiting for? Download our app now to take advantage of these benefits, and many others. Click the name of your store: Apple App Store or Google Play Store, and download our free app to connect with us today.