Tech jeopardy was originally created by myself, an experienced technician of 13 years. It was designed as a learning tool to teach, in a fun manner, the key elements of becoming a good technician.
For me personally, learning was the best achieved by hands-on techniques as well as having a great teacher. Over the years we here at the Brooklyn Vet Group have adopted the phase "They just don't make them the way they used to." Constantly seeing young kids volunteering or working with no passion became very disappointing. These young achievers just did not have the push or drive any longer. My job over time was to find that answer.
As a young and inexperienced technician I had the luxury of having a doctor fresh out of veterinary school constantly there teaching, pushing and eventually expanding my mind in the field of veterinary medicine. As the years went on and the hospital became busier that same doctor now had to devote his time to larger matters. With the torch now passed on and the knowledge now gained I have taken it upon myself to try and better the caliber of technicians that can say they are part of the team. The trick is finding a way that will break through enough to have a positive impact.
Finally after many have come and gone, I decided to dive the fun and reward system a try and guess what it is working. Prior to the jeopardy meeting all techs are given a booklet of information containing some of the important aspects all techs should know. From prescription diets to alternative names of drugs, all information provided is relative to what it is we should know for daily life as a tech.
The winner of the vet tech jeopardy gets a free dinner certificate and the right to gloat. The runner up though not the winner also receives a prize such as personalized scrubs. The real prize honestly is the fact that knowledge is the best prize. Gaining knowledge in a field that is your knowledge is truly priceless.
Hopefully the jeopardy tradition lives on long after the day that I become a veterinarian. Whereas then I can be considered the doctor fresh out of school devoting my time to the techs I know have something special...the will and drive to learn.

Jeopardy Board