As we roll out our new hospital app, clients are sharing stories about how the app simplifies providing top-notch care for their pets, and that makes us smile every time. We love partnering with you to keep your best friend healthy. We want to make your pet’s care as easy as possible, and our new app is helping us do exactly that—check out these five features you will love as much as we do.

#1: You’ll never forget about your pet’s healthcare.
With the chaos of everyday life, it’s easy to forget to schedule your pet’s wellness appointment, vaccines, or blood work. Our app puts all your pet’s important dates in one location—simply flip to your pet’s page to see when important services, such as their vaccines, are due, or go to the “all reminders” page to see reminders for all your pets. Despite scheduling your pet’s monthly parasite preventive dose for the first day of the month and plastering your calendar with stickers, do you sometimes still forget this important medication? Worry no more—we will send reminders through the app about your pet’s monthly medications, so you’ll never forget again.

#2: You can request an appointment any time.
As you settle in for the evening, you suddenly realize you forgot to make your pet’s appointment—again—and now the hospital is closed. No worries—with our hospital app, you can request an appointment any time. We will respond with a proposed time slot, and you can relax, knowing you are taking care of your pet’s health.

#3: You can pay your invoice in the app.
We know it’s much easier to take care of all aspects of your pet’s visit in one place. You can now pay your pet’s invoice directly through the app, eliminating the need to swipe your credit card, relay your financial information over the phone, or use another service, such as PayPal. 

#4: Your pet can be featured on our selfie carousel.
We love to see your pet being goofy, relaxing in their favorite sunny spot, or snoozing at your feet as you work from home. Snap a picture with our selfie feature, fill out a few fun details about your best friend, and upload it to the app. Your pet’s selfie will be added to your page, and can be added to the photo carousel of our hospital’s favorite patients. (Spoiler: They’re all our favorites!)

#5: You are rewarded simply for taking care of your pet.
We enjoy showing love to our loyal clients, and our hospital app lets us reward you for taking good care of your pet. You can earn stamps by using the app for all your normal transactions, such as paying your pet’s invoice, refilling prescriptions, or ordering food. You earn your first stamp—which is free—by simply downloading the app. Stamps can be redeemed for a discount on your pet’s next dental cleaning, or a credit toward future services. 

If you haven’t downloaded our hospital app, what are you waiting for? Click the name of your store: Apple App Store or Google Play Store, and download it now to start enjoying these benefits, and many others.